10 Signs That You Might Be A Travel Snob

We all know them and in someway, we have all been them. The dreaded travel snobs. The people that other travelers roll their eyes at and mock from outside of the member’s lounge. You’re probably used to getting an earful from friends and family any time you bow out of group trips. No need to defend your airline choices or particular nature, though. Here are ten ways to know whether you’re really a travel snob or not.

1. The Name Spirit/Frontier Makes You Shudder

You know who you are! This is for the people that would rather stay home than to take a Spirit flight to their dream destination. To be honest, you might not get there anyway. The budget airline is known for turbulence, running late, a la carte service, and putting another person on top of you for the sake of saving money.

Spirit, who?

2. You consider yourself a traveler, not a tourist

Hotel near Leicester Square? Never that. Only a tourist wouldn’t think of renting an apartment in Shoreditch. You want to grocery shop at Asda, get close to the locals, and tell your friends that you wouldn’t dream of spending your day perusing through Picadilly and Oxford Circus because Kingston is where real London is.

3. You avoid popular travel destinations

You’re one of the people that went to Cuba before it was “cool” and if you didn’t, you refused to go afterwards because then it was too cliche. While everyone is getting groups together to head to the newest travel hotspot, you’re already in Sriracha where there are empty beaches and you’re one of 10 foreigners.

4. You Shame People That Buy Expensive Items But Don’t Have A Passport

This is your face when your neighbor tells you that they’ve never left the state but you know that he’s been saving up for the new iPhone and his shoes cost more than your car payment.

You just simply don’t understand how people can spend plane ticket money on material things that will need to be replaced.

5. While We’re At It, No Passport = No Friendship/Relationship

Enough said.  If you didn’t make this meme, you definitely posted it on your Facebook and/or sent it in the groupchat.

I only do carry on, sorry. / #travelisthenewclub

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Your best friend from kindergarten gets a pass but every time you book a trip you give them a strong side eye. You’ve thought about borrowing the $150, taking the photos yourself, and dragging them to the post office with the paperwork filled out.

And forget about dating. You ask about their passport status before you get a glass a water so you’ll know whether you should order an appetizer.

6. Your Status Update Is Just A Reminder That You Travel Well

Read: Hey everybody! I know I haven’t updated you since Tuesday but I turned off my iPhone 8 Plus when I took my Cessna Citation Sovereign to Paris and forgot to turn it back on when I missed my appointment at Hermes so instead I went to Louis Vuitton and sent my shopping assistant to Birkin and now I’m having lunch on Champs Elysees eating Salmon en Crout with gold flakes and caviar before my driver takes me to Le Musee du Louvre for an after hours tour and then I am going straight back to my hotel that’s practically in the Eiffel Tower.  I don’t know when I’ll be able to check in again since I’m going straight to Dubai, Shanghai, and Blue Ivy’s birthday party in Reykjavik. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! 

7. You Believe It’s First Class or Bust

‘Nuff said. You have asked yourself why people even travel if they need to fly economy. What would travel be if you couldn’t load first and watch people wrangle their children to the back of the plane? It’s really the curtain that does it for you.

8. Domestic Travel Isn’t Real Travel

It’s great that people are willing to leave home by you’re not impressed by that Miami trip in college or that birthday trip to Vegas. Dipping your toe into international waters is transformative and you just can’t understand why people haven’t ventured outside of the country. When those flight deals hit, you’re out.

9. And Cruising Isn’t Either

You’re the type to ask about your coworker’s time off and then scoff at the fact that they think they traveled internationally when they spent five days on a boat and eight point two hours on an actual island. You think that cruises are good for family reunions and nothing more. It’s not exactly your idea of a vacation.

10. You’re Just A Snob

You’re the person that can’t afford to not fly Spirit but you would never admit it. As long as you get you’re not at home, you’re good to go. That doesn’t mean that you don’t aspire to check all of these items off of your snobbery bucket list. Don’t we all?

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