Why Scotland Needs To Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Scotland is one of the most underrated travel destinations in comparison to its neighbors to the south and west. England and Ireland get all of the praise when Scotland is really where it’s at.

I had been to Scotland once before in 2014 but the trip that I won this July from HAGGiS Adventures solidified Scotland’s position as my favorite destination. This is why you need to go.


Scotland is full of picturesque destinations

Whether you’re someone that loves taking a hundred photos of everything you see or someone that takes two photos and moves on, Scotland is the best photoshoot background ever.

Scotland was once home to 3,000 castles so there are plenty of estates to get away to if you want to feel like royalty for awhile.

And, it’s definitely a place for people that love nature and greenery.

I’m not a huge fan of nature for pretty obvious reasons such as the lack of  controllable heating/air conditioning, bugs, and/or the walking that usually comes with it. However, Scotland is basically a country of nature walks and it is fantastic, even for people that can’t stand unnecessary time outdoors.

Scotland is also the home of the famous Fairy Pools that reside on Isle of Skye and offer great views, a nice walk, and a hundred photo opportunities.

There are mountains galore!

And much…




Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster!

If you’re not here for the Loch Ness Monster aka Nessie you need to reevaluate your life choices the majesty of her home is enough to entrance anyone.

The first Nessie sighting was in 565 AD but the most recent one was today, September 16th!


Nothing says ‘I’ve been to Scotland’ like a corny Nessie shirt and a boat ride around the loch (which means lake in Scottish Gaelic) so I recommend both!

Scotland also has what they call ‘Hairy Coo’s’ which are Scottish cows.

They are big and hairy and quite the sight to see. If you like animals that are a bit more tangible, these gentle giants are for you. The place that I stopped sold a bag of carrots and potatoes for optional feedings.

Whether you feed them or not, they’re still adorable beings that will make your day.

A good thing about Scotland is that it has plenty to offer in the animal department.

Last but not least, Scotland has Scottish people and culture!

That seems pretty obvious but really, Scotland’s history and the pride that the people have in it is an amazing thing to experience. I would recommend doing a tour for that reason alone.

Before I won the Haggis Adventures Skye High Tour, I had been looking at it for about five months trying to decide whether to go. The tour was so good that I’m looking for an opportunity to go on their Highlands & Hogmonay Tour.

I usually travel solo but having a tour guide in Scotland was ideal. There are so many stories and so much history to learn. If you’re anything like me, a quick Google search doesn’t do this country justice. My amazing tour guide, Mahri, was super interactive and made Scottish history and folklore fun for the entire group. Like when she convinced us all to stick our faces into freezing river water by doing it first.

Apparently, folklore says that it will make you beautiful but Scottish tales are so outlandish that it’s anybody’s guess on what is actually true. With that said, the water did not make me beautiful.


One face freezing tale was worth it for ones like the Fairy Graves.

Plus, if none of that appeals to you, there is always whisky!

So, go look at all of the photos from my trip in my gallery if you still need inspiration and then go book your trip!

You won’t regret it!







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