30 Before 30

30 years old feels like it’s fast approaching these days. The reality is that I am transitioning into a chapter of my life where I will not be tied down by school. *pause for a praise dance*

After 19 years of knowing that I would be sitting in someone’s class at least five days a week, post-graduation life automatically makes my anxiety skyrocket. Realistically, I know that immediately after graduation I won’t suddenly be 30 with half of my life behind me but it certainly feels like it.

Now, for those of you that are closer to 30 than they’d like to be or even a day passed it, this is less about literally existing for 30 years more than it is about symbolism. 30 represents responsibility, both for one’s self and others. An end to selfishness, irresponsibility, and rebounding (because at 30, you’re not doing much rebounding after 7 shots of anything).

I love that your 20s represent your playful, childlike, and adventurous years. The societal pressures of hitting three decades is how I feel as graduation and my 22nd birthday get closer.

A wonderful friend of mine, Aitza, urged me to make this list months ago and I struggled immensely. What do I want to do? It was a question that I had/have a hard time answering because I want to say ‘EVERYTHING!’ but also…nothing?

It doesn’t make any sense but my natural inquisitiveness has always been put off by the fact that there are so many things in the world that I will never get to experience. I can’t quantify everything into a neat little list of 30 things. So, I started with simple things.

I wrote down something every time I thought about it. If I was scrolling through Facebook and saw someone say that they were so proud to have made their final student loan payment, I would jot it down. I look forward to the day when I can look at my credit report and not see that nauseating number. Just know

This list is nowhere near as ambitious enough. I look at it and think ‘I can do this! I can do that!’ That’s the point, though. To set these goals for myself so that when I do hit 30 I can say ‘girl you did that’.

Have a look at my list and consider making one of your own. There are no age limits on goals!

*bolded items are particularly important for me to achieve*

My 30 before 30
  1. Start a business
  2. Write/publish a book
  3. Take an international trip with my family
  4. Move to New York
  5. Visit 6 continents
  6. Pay off student loans
  7. Have a credit score over 700
  8. Work with elephants
  9. Establish a regular workout routine
  10. Subscribe to a CSA and/or meal prep service
  11. Permanently relocate outside of the United States
  12. Take cooking classes
  13. Take a photography class
  14. Knit a sweater (I have an unfinished scarf sitting on my desk so we’ll see how this goes)
  15. Move to Scotland
  16. Learn to braid my own hair
  17. Go on a week-long safari
  18. Volunteer consistently
  19. Take piano/guitar lessons
  20. Film a documentary
  21. Become a mentor
  22. Cosplay
  23. Fill my passport
  24. Start a scholarship fund
  25. Meet the Obamas (Read: be adopted by Michelle)

I would love to hear what goals you think I should add this list and some big goals that you have set for yourself!

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